Mā te Pouako: Teachers’ notes
Explore the redesigned website containing online Māori teachers support material for the three collections of te reo Māori journals, He Kohikohinga, Te Tautoko, and Te Wharekura.

Māori Myths, Legends and Contemporary stories
A collection of stories based on Māori oral traditions. Some are well known, others are less familiar, being local iwi stories. The collection includes supporting teacher material, links to relevant websites, and online activities for students.
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Hana Website – Māori Language Resources
Access multimedia and interactive resources in te reo Māori from this website or click on the following links:
Te Ao Hurihuri
Ahurea ki Tua
He Puia, he Iwi
Kā Puna Karikari a Rākaihautū

Kokona Māori
Access Māori material on wickED through Kokona Māori, which includes Māori interactives, a section about tāngata rongonui or famous people, and kokona rauemi which links to key online Māori resources. Look at the multi-choice madness quizzes in te reo Māori under the heading ‘He Panga’. Content in te reo Māori is also found within each of the topics on wickED. Each school term there is a new topic that provides cross-curricular online learning activities for students in primary and intermediate schools.
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Exploring Te Ao Kori and Te Ao Kori.
These are teacher-centred resources, one in te reo Māori //(Te Ao Kori)// and the other in English //(Exploring Te Ao Kori)//.
Te ao kori (the world of movement) is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions. These resources encapsulate ideas for planning learning experiences, intended outcomes, a glossary of Māori terms, and references. Many of the learning experiences are richly demonstrated with the use of video and photographs, showing games and activities such as whai (string games), ngā mahi poi (poi activities) and takaro ā-ringa (hand games).
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Te Whakamahi
These books were written to help teachers use and implement the information contained within the Whakamahi i roto i te Marautanga o Aotearoa into the classroom. These are three of the books that were written to support the Pāngarau, Pūtaiao and Te Reo Māori Curriculums, all written in Māori. This collection is presented in te reo Māori only.
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Te Wharekura
This collection presents stories from out-of-print, early editions of Te Wharekura, to more recent stories from the series. This collection is presented in te reo Māori only.
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A Dictionary of the Māori Language
Access an online version of the text of H.W. Williams’ A Dictionary of the Māori Language, first published in the 1840s. It has become the standard dictionary of te reo Māori and this is a digitized version of the 1957 edition.
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Te Reo Māori Physics Project
View online multimedia resources for the teaching of physics at NCEA level in te reo Māori. Part of the New Zealand Teachers' Physics Resource Bank, each resource has suggestions for classroom activities, links to NCEA, and related topics. Although each resource can be viewed online, teachers can request DVD copies. The resources were created by Victoria University, Te Kura Māori o Porirua and Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o te Ara Whānui.
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Te Tau 11 Pūtaiao – Science Year 11 Pathfinder Series.
This is an online Māori translation of Science Year 11 Pathfinder Series. Te Tau 11 Pūtaiao is designed to support the learning and revision of scientific concepts, processes and skills for the New Zealand science curriculum. It is designed so that students can understand and recall scientific ideas, facts, formulae and skills.

The site is divided into three categories (Ō Mataora, Ō Ahupūngao, and Ō Kawekawe) making it compatible with Pūtaiao i roto i te Marautanga o Aotearoa. There is also an extra section called ‘Ko Ranginui raua ko Papatūānuku’. http://www.tki.org.nz/r/science/putaiao/pathfinder/index_e.php

Te Whanake Online
Try this interactive version of the first part of the Te Whanake Māori language series. The online version is a series of modules with animated movies, exercises and activities, links to the Te Aka dictionary, a forum for language learners, and practice activities.

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Explore this website aimed at encouraging year 7 and 8 students in Māori immersion settings to research, design, and experiment with the topic of whareuku – clay houses. It includes online games and activities, teacher notes, and a full glossary of terms used on the site. The teachers section is in English.
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Ngā Tauāki Marautanga o Aotearoa / Curriculum Statements
Download curriculum statements for all the learning areas in the revised Te Marautanga o Aotearoa document.
http://www.minedu.govt.nz/index.cfm?layout=document&documentid=12471&data=l .pdf
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Hei Tautoko i te Marautanga Pāngarau
Browse this section of Rauemi Māori from the NZmaths website in te reo Māori. This website shows the extent of topics and achievement objectives for pāngarau aimed at levels 1–5 within Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.