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The one year ICTPD implementation plan (shared by Tessa) initiated with Jeanette alongside Cluster Principals supports the sustainability of the PeaK-ICT capital. It provides a visual overview for stakeholders of where each school is presently at and where they would like to be by the end of the year in regard to:
1. reliable ICT
2. pedagogy/understandings
3. the transfer of ICT and currciulum into classroom practice (improve student outcomes)

The three year ICTPD development plan as a second initiative also supports ICT capital and defines the professional learning structure. This plans details what would occur for each school over the next three years. As a visual map the main foci include:
  • year one - use of IT tools, software and processes
  • year two - quality teaching, thinking and learning
  • year three - application and transfer to, with and alongside learners (improve student outcomes)

The intention is that schools move progressively in, within and through the years and that all cluster staff know and are able to articulate with understanding the vision for ICT in their schools and link this to the PeaK-ICT vision of learning.