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What is Voicethread?
Voicethread is a site where people can upload almost any digital media ranging from photos to powerpoint presentations and share them online. The fantastic thing about voicethread is that it allows viewers and/or users the ability to make comments in five different ways that include
  • voice (ie: microphone or telephone)
  • text
  • audio file
  • video
Web 2.0 tools allow for collaboration and interaction, and voicethread takes it to the next level by allowing more options to develop your voice. A K12 version is available for educators (at a cost).

How can Voicethread be set up?

Watch this ONE Minute Voicethread

How might I add students as identities?

What is the pupose of voicethread for me as a classroom teacher?

Voicethread for Educators - http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/

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