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What is a cluster share?

A cluster share, very similar to a learning walk is a nominated day/afternoon when one PeaK-ICT school opens its doors to others. It is a session of classroom visits, this year to be followed by optional feedback, feed forward and reflection. The cluster share intentions for each school will align with their ICT vision and the PeaK-ICT vision of learning.

What might a cluster share involve?
As cluster share days form part of the PeaK-ICT contract, Principals are responsible for ensuring that they along with staff see value in and attend these events. An attendance register is to be made available, the first 20 minutes will be devoted to an overview of the school's cluster share intentions, going through classes will follow and an optional feedback-feed forward survey can be completed by attendees (accompanied with a cuppa) before they leave the venue.

NB: Cluster share days/afternoons will be seen to replace the staff meetings generally held that week.

Cluster Share dates:

Kawerau South, Term 4: Thursday 02 December 2010

Kawerau North: Term 4: TBA