There Are Two Ways To Have Changes or Additions Made To This Wiki:

lunch_at_comp.gif1. Contact Jeanette
To change, add or remove something, let a space member know what you want done. Just send an e-mail to and she will take care of it.

  • 2. Give it a Go Yourself
The second option to change, add or remove something, is to try it yourself. That way it gets done quicker (immediately) to be precise and you don't have to explain what you want. Besides, 'playing around' on a wiki is a much more fun than working on a traditional web site with HTML - don't you think?

If you want to modify any page on this web site yourself, you must first become a member and join Wikispaces for FREE. Just visit the "How To Join" Steps on the Home Page located at the top of this wiki.

By the way, if you do join when signing up you have the option of creating a new wikispace. You can just say NO to that. Should you change your mind later, it's really easy to create a wikispace. Just return to this wiki web site and click the 'join' link at the top of the page. Wikispaces sends an e-mail automatically. Jeanette will then approve your membership and send you a reply.

After you are approved, find the page you want to change or add to and click the Edit button on that page. You will then see the text of the page in an edit box.

Make the necessary changes then click the Preview button to be sure it looks right. Once you have verified the page, click the Save button. You're done!
Thanks for helping us keep our web site up-to -date

Just a few more points of interest:
  • Wiki pages are written in a code known as wikitext. It's pretty much the same as HTML, but it's a lot simpler.
  • Don't like formatting codes? Don't let that discourage you from posting. At the very least, just type or paste plain text on a page then send me a message and I'll go pretty it up. You can also use a WYSIWIG formatter, which is similar to what you find in Microsoft Word (e.g., there are buttons for bold and italics and such).
  • If you want to practice editing a wiki page before you try it on an important page, you can use the Sandbox. That is strictly a practice page, so you won't mess up anything important.
Cheers wiki buddy!