Angie Simmons - Facilitator
B.A, Dip Tchg (Pr), M.Ed.
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Angie Simmons has experience as a classroom teacher, as an owner/supervisor of an early childhood centre, as an ICTPD facilitator for two ICTPD clusters and also as an Education Lecturer in the School of Education at Unitec.

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Angie is the author of the
‘Learning Journeys in ICT’ series of books published by Essential Resources Ltd. These books include ‘Digital Storytelling’, ‘Multimedia’, ‘The Thinking Classroom’, ‘Switch Online’, ‘Inquiry Learning and ICT’, ‘The Early Years and ICT’, ‘Interactive Whiteboards’, ‘The Social Web’, ‘Digital Literacy’, ‘Integrating ICT’, and ‘Key Competencies, Book one and two which are in the process of publication.