Term 4:
School: Kawerau Central
Date: 08 December 2009

Term 3:
School: Kawerau South
Dates: 28-30 October 2009.

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Cluster Share afternoons were also held Term 3, 2009. As these days form part of the PeaK-ICT contract, ALL teachers along with Principals and/or ancillary staff were expected to attend the classroom learning walks as best practice opportunities.

Two PeaK-ICT schools have followed the integrated planning process and guided inquiry learning pathways:
Kawerau North
Date: Wednesday 16 September 2009
Time: 3-4pm

Putauaki Primary
Date: Thursday 10 September 2009
Time: 3-5pm

Cluster Share Moutohora: Minibeasts

The PeaK-ICT Cluster get together was held 11 February 2009 on a very hot afternoon at Kawerau Intermediate. Jeanette spoke about PeaK-ICT, the vision, stakeholders and intended outcomes. She also touched on the role of ICT and thinking. The five cluster Principals were then able to express their views about PeaK-ICT and what the ICTPD programme promotes and provides for schools. Four Putauaki Primary students as 21st Century learners also shared their recent use of skype and collaborative experiences with Berwick Lodge Primary in Australia.
external image pdf.png PeaK Inaugural Agenda 1102.pdf